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Akin Todd Scholarship Foundation

The Akin Todd Scholarship Foundation is a State of Colorado recognized 501 C3 set up to support student achievement and success, with a focus on students at PREP Academy, a multiple pathway school in the Denver Public Schools. Many students who travel through Denver Public Schools experience success and go on to lead productive lives, however 6000 students per year drop out and find themselves in the unenviable position of unemployment, low paying jobs with no benefits, criminal means to financial support or worst of all, they perpetuate the next generation in their family of non-graduates from high school. This factor was one motivating force in the formation of Akin Todd Scholarship Foundation.  One of the goals of this foundation is to address the drop out issue in DPS by providing a broad array of supports to the students and families of PREP Academy. For more information on the Akin Todd Scholarship Foundation, please contact Kathie Jackson,School Social Worker PREP Academy at 720-424-8455 or via email at Donate directly to the Akin Todd Scholarship Foundation on PayPal.