PREP Academy

Rigor, Relevance and Relationship

Launch Class

  • Launch is a mandatory class that all new students will have on their schedule. It is considered an elective that is specific to PREP.
  • This class reinforces the school’s mission and vision of empowering youth with voice, through reading, writing, and critical thinking.
  • There is a lot of collaboration and building relationships.
  • Students will be discussing some hot topics such as suicide, peer pressure, Bias and discrimination so there is a Social Emotional level of learning that will take place across all classes.
  • The class is a safe space for students to revisit the skills necessary to be successful in school and they will have individual choices in the ways that they demonstrate those skills.
  • The class is 6 weeks long and students will receive 2.5 credits on their transcript for it.
  • There will be a pass fail grade for this class that is based on participation.
  • There will be an off campus activity at the end of the hexter that will be a fun reward day.


Student and teacher

From Ms. Smith,

I started out teaching Language Arts 13 years ago. I learned quickly the positive influence student voice had on students’ academic experiences. In shaping the Launch curriculum, I have focused on developing active, student voice through narratives that students choose and develop through communication, reading, writing and reflection processes. In addition, this education program is an opportunity for every student to learn effective social skills and team building that they can utilize to make their experiences a message that feels valuable to share. Students in launch will begin establishing their first person, active voice and end with a 2nd person voice as they connect to the school community and beyond. Students will also interact with timely, multi-cultural texts that touch on hot topics in effort to grow their empathy in the world around them. Students will analyze, synthesize and create multiple meanings in their lives from these texts. Finally, students will present the process that shaped their Launched voice and transformed their thinking in a google slides autobiography.