PREP Academy

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Enrollment and Registration

How to enroll at PREP Academy

Congratulations on looking up information for attendance at PREP Academy!   This information is provided by Kathie Jackson, MSW, LCSW the PREP Social Worker who coordinates the enrollment process. 720-424-8455 for more information.

Enrollment at PREP Academy begins with a REQUIRED attendance by the student, parent/guardian and or a transitions liaison from Denver Public Schools. The dates of these orientations will be listed each hexter and occur on a six week schedule. The next orientation for PREP will be at 10:00 am on August 11 at the PREP building, 2727 Columbine Street, Denver 80205. You can also find out the date for the next orientation by calling 720-424-8455 and listening to the message about the meeting.

The Process for selection:


  1. Attend required orientation where you will receive information about PREP and your application paperwork.

Paper Application: 

  1. Return the completed application by the following Friday by 3:00 pm to the school. The application also may be faxed to 720-424-8477.
  2. Return with the application, the final page which is a reference letter filled out by someone from your current school. This reference letter may not be filled out by a relative.
  3. Check your signatures on the application. All pages that require a parent/guardian must be signed by them. Students who are 18 or older may sign for themselves.
  4. Once your application has been received on time, you will have a call from Kathie Jackson, LCSW, the School Social Worker who will coordinate the rest of the process.

Interview with a PREP Administrator:   

  1. The interview is an important step in the process and both the student and parent/guardian must attend. If the parent is working and can’t make it, a phone conference will also be considered.
  2. Ms.  Jackson will call you to inform you if you have been selected. Remember you are still enrolled at your current school and should still be attending until the date that you are given to start PREP.
  3. A final step: Parents/guardians must come into the school to fill out the formal DPS enrollment paperwork so that we can activate you in PREP and withdraw you from your current school.
  4. All students will start the Discovery Program at the beginning of the next hexter and need to be in class right at the beginning of the day. For this reason, the enrollment paperwork needs to be done by that Friday before. School will begin at 8:05.

Please read further descriptions of the program that will help you decide if this is the place for you.


Further information and considerations for enrollment at PREP Academy


Students with an IEP may come to PREP however they must have their IEP evaluated prior to enrollment. We do not have an Affective Needs classroom at PREP. PREP does have students on IEPs that have Mild or Moderate educational needs.

We need to see the IEP. If your student has an IEP, please bring a copy to orientation. If you do not have a copy, you may ask for one at your current school. Please give it to Kathie Jackson, the PREP Social Worker or call her to discuss it if you have any other questions.

School Schedule::

The PREP schedule is based on Hexters (6 week courses). Most courses at PREP operate on 1-2 Hexters and students can expect their schedule to change every 6 weeks. PREP’s calendar is the same as all of Denver Public Schools, with the difference being the way the weeks are divided. The Hexter system is what allows us to offer more credits per year which may help a student catch up if they are behind or have failed some courses in the past.

Attendance Policy:   

If you are considering coming to PREP, you need to understand the Discovery Program requirements. All students will be going through Discovery for the first six weeks following their enrollment. The student may only miss a total of three days or they are out of the program. Coming late to school counts as ½ day absence. Attendance applies to parents too! When the school calls the parent it is for a reason, either to give you grades and attendance information or to let you know something of importance. We expect parents to attend and participate in the parent/teacher conferences each semester in order for us to keep you informed. If parents do not make it to the conference, then a home visit will occur the following Saturday. This lets you know how important your child is to us.


Students are all provided with bus tickets to and from school. If a student has 85% attendance consistently they may receive a bus pass monthly.


If you are a senior or have close to senior credits, then we will have our Guidance Counselor evaluate your transcript to determine if you are on track to graduate. Once we have this information you will be able to make a more informed decision.

PREP offers up to 90 credits per year if a student attends and passes all of the classes scheduled. Attendance and participation are critical to earning each course credit.

Mental Health Supports: 

PREP offers a unique and comprehensive approach to the Whole Child Learning Experience. We have full time Mental Health Professionals, Psychologist, Social Worker, Synergy Therapist, Counselor, and Registered Nurse. These supports are available to all students at PREP. Be aware that at enrollment there will be a couple of pages of information about your child’s behaviors or emotional needs that we will have you and your child complete. This is to guide us in selecting the best and most appropriate supports and resources for each student.