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CSC meeting agenda 10/3/18

Posted 04/01/2019


CSC Meeting Agenda



Denver, CO __80205___





Date: ________10/3/18_____________ Time: _____4:45 pm________________


Meeting Location: ____Room 128                   


Mission Statement

We will dismantle systems of power and privilege within our school and our community, to ensure each student participates in authentic learning experiences to prepare them for college, career, and life.


Committee Members in attendance: Mr. Rowe, Principal,  Mr. DeLoach, Dean of Students, Mr. Oliver, Community Member, Mr. Salazar, Parent, Ms. Clark, Parent, Ms. Jones, Parent,  Student Reps: Harmonee Meyers, Student.



Agenda Topic: New CSC members introductions, what the CSC is and what it is not, & Profile of a



Discussion: The new guideline for graduation requirements across the State. In the high schools,

individual programs are established for students. It shall be the joint responsibility of each school, student, and parent to give careful attention to the educational and career goals of the student.

Declared Area of Focus: Every student, during the first semester of his/her junior year, will declare an “area of focus.” The student will need to engage in at least 1.0 unit of study, beyond the graduation requirement, of a particular content area (but not necessarily beyond the required of 240 semester hours). Students must show mastery of 2 of 11 indicators in Math and English. Students will develop a portfolio of his/her learning that demonstrates both the depth and academic understanding and communicates his/her intended application of this understanding in life beyond high school.


Action Items: Norms were established, and a Timekeeper and note taker were chosen for the first                               meeting.


Important Calendar Items: Meeting will be held the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Date for next meeting Nov. 7th, 2018