PREP Academy

Rigor, Relevance and Relationship


Posted 04/01/2019


CSC Meeting Agenda



Denver, CO 80205




Date: __February 20th, 2019__________  Time: _____3:30 am________________


Meeting Location: ________Room 128____________________




Committee Members: Eric Rowe, Principal, Michael DeLoach, Chairperson, Tesha Clark, Parent,                                         Fernay Jones, Parent, Robert Salazar, parent, David Oliver, Community                                                   member, Harmonee Meyers, student.


  1. Call to order, welcome


  1. Celebrations – Strike settled, teachers back to work.


  1. Agenda review and approval of minutes from previous meeting


  1. Principal’s report: Parent Social and parent surveys



  1. Discussion items


    1. New Business Items: Student led conferences, CSC for next year (what we want it to look like), Design plans for PREP


    1. Old Business Items: Winter pot luck – MAP testing



  1. Setting of agenda for next meeting – FAFSA scholarship, April 1st, SAT’s April 9th, Change the Narrative, April 25th, Parent Social, May 9th.


  1. Date for next meeting – March 6th, 2019