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Exhibition Showcase

Posted 01/31/2018

The Exhibition Showcase is an opportunity for all students to share their learning with friends and family outside of the school community.  The Exhibition Showcase is an opportunity to live our mission to ‘‘ensure that each student participates in authentic learning experiences to prepare them for college, career, and life.’’ Secondly, we want to ensure that each student meets the new graduation requirements, which includes a Capstone Project and Student Portfolio.  This year, all students will participate in two Exhibition showcases, the first November 2nd and the second February 22nd.


During the first Exhibition Showcase students shared about themselves as learners as well as the modified Personal Learning Plan (PLP).


The second Exhibition Showcase will ask students to update their PLP and reflect on their learning for the school year.  All students will collect three pieces of work; one piece of work they are proud of, one piece of work that demonstrates learning, and one piece of work that was challenging.  All students will gather the three pieces of work using their Schoology site and write mini-reflections for each piece.  Ninth graders will also show growth over time using the grade level competencies and/or standards for English and Mathematics through Schoology.

Exhibition Night Details

4-5 Meet with families/ advisory- PLP and work share (form attached)


5-7:00 Mix of board games and dinner / Crockpot cookoff

  • No charge for PREP students and family members
  • Parents, students, teachers and guests can enter Cook-off (use Google form)
  • Tickets can be purchased at the door for guests to participate (opportunity to raise a little money)
  • (Veronica) Raffle-Tickets, spoons, cup supplies for samples
  • (Parrish) For Judging: hand-made ballot boxes
  • (Davidson) Deadline for entry and google form (Yaz push out to families and team)
  • (Coleman) Flyers and personalized cards to families by Feb. 12
  • (Fua) figure out outlet scenario for crock pots to make this successful
  • (Rowe) Prizes for winners/ 1st -3rd place prizes TBA
  • (Rowe) PR for fundraising letter
  • ALL Advisory teachers make phone calls to homes for Exhibition reminders by Feb. 16



If families arrived late, they would meet with advisor before eating.  Advisors will provide dinner tickets to families.


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