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Asthma Plan and Med Orders 18-19 (1Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and Med Orders 18-19 (1The health office at PREP Academy serves both middle and high school students and is run by the school nurse, Shamae Williams, RN. Students come to the health office when they become ill, injured, for screenings, to take their medication(s), have a health related need, for case management of chronic conditions and food allergies/intolerances, and other health services  pre-arranged with parents/guardians and health care providers. Additional services that students and their families can receive from the health office include information and assistance with scheduling doctor appointments, sports physicals, immunizations, getting glasses, and questions about Medicaid.



THE RULES FOR TYLENOL & ADVIL MEDICATIONS AT SCHOOL HAVE CHANGED. You can no longer sign a consent form at registration for your student to be able to receive Tylenol or Advil at school. ALL medications now require individual consent from parents/guardians, consent and instructions from a doctor or approved health care provider, and parents/guardians to supply the medication they are requesting to be given. A parent/guardian, or if arrangements have been made with the school nurse a responsible adult acting on their behalf, should bring in the medication and register it with the school nurse. The table below shows what forms and signatures are needed for the different types of medications. All of these forms are attached to this document, but can also be found online on the DPS Nursing Services webpage. Most forms are available in English and Spanish. At the end of the school year, a parent/guardian or responsible adult needs to pick the medication up. No medications can be left in the health office over the summer break. All medications not picked up will be destroyed at the end of the school year.


Medication Type Form Needed ParentSignature DoctorCompletes StudentSignature School Nurse Signature
Approved Prescription Medications Student Medication Request Release Agreement form X X X
Approved Over-the-counter Medications(i.e. Tylenol) Student Medication Request Release Agreement form X X X
Inhalers Colorado School Asthma Care Plan X X X
-Self-carry inhaler Contact For Students Carrying/Self Administer Of Inhalers With Them While At School form (Self-Carry Contract for inhalers) X X X
EpiPen or other emergency epinephrine medications Colorado Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan and Medication Orders X X X
-Self-carry Epi-Pen Contact For Students Carrying/Self Administer Epi-Pens With Them While At School form (Self-Carry Contract for Epi-Pens) X X X



State law requires all students in schools to have immunizations against specific diseases in order to attend classes. Most vaccines and boosters are given between birth and 4 years of age. However, once your child turns 11 years old, he/she will need to get approximately one or two additional vaccines. One is a Tdap booster, (tetnus, diphtheria, and pertussis) and the other protects against Meningitis. The meningococcal vaccine is required for most students entering college to live on campus. If your child is missing any of their vaccines, please make arrangements for them to get vaccinated with your child’s health care provider. Information about places to take your child to get vaccines is available in the school health office. If you do not want your child immunized for personal, religious, or medical purposes you must complete an immunization exemption form. For medical exemption, a statement from a physician is also needed. Contact the school health office for more information and for assistance with immunizations.


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